"We structured the deal so it won't make any sense to you."

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Pandemic Mayhem
As Freshfields points out, the last time M&A sank this far, Greta Thunberg was six months old. We talk to eight renowned M&A experts about what it's been like, what exactly has happened, and what we have to look forward to in the next months and years.

The Perfect Storm
A glimpse of the plight of new associates and new hires and the bar exam debacle.

The Sycamore/L Brands Dispute
O’Melveny lawyers take us through the issues behind Victoria’s Secret

Remote Work
How can we trust each other to assemble a deal without ever meeting in person?

Do Antitrust Laws Matter?
John Pecman, a senior business advisor at Fasken, was formerly a competition enforcement official in Canada, including a five-year term as Commissioner of the Competition Bureau of Canada.

Distressed Mortgage M&A Deals
Mayer Brown looks at the challenges wrought by COVID-19.


M&A on Bloomberg Radio

John Close on Bloomberg Radio
On the day Verizon announced its deal for Yahoo, Mr. Close talks about M&A more than way through the year. Although 2016 has been developing a reputation as tired year. But there is no reason to despair. "Slower" doesn't mean "slow".
Broadcast: July 25, 2016

The Bloomberg Advantage: Close Says 2015 M&A 'Ancient History'
John Close and Bloomberg's Ed Hammond discuss what we're likely to see in 2016. One thing looks certain--deal value and deal numbers will be down. But that's compared to 2015, a record year with mega-deals in force.
Broadcast: February 29, 2016

Whither M&A in 2015 and into 2016?
Listen to John Close, editor of The M&A Journal, discuss the future of dealmaking on the day Dell announced its $67 billion acquisition of EMC with Bloomberg's deal reporter Ed Hammond and the hosts of The Bloomberg Advantage Carol Massar and Corey Johnson.
Broadcast: October 12, 2015

A Giant Cow-Tipping By Savages
John Close, editor of The M&A Journal, discusses his book "A Giant Cow-Tipping By Savages" with the hosts of Bloomberg Radio's Taking Stock Carol Massar and Michael McKee.
Broadcast: April 13, 2015


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